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John Darer, CLU, ChFC, MSSC, CeFT, RSP, CLTC

John Darer, CLU, ChFC, MSSC, CeFT, RSP, CLTC


John Darer CLU ChFC MSSC CeFT RSP CLTC, the founder of Groove Financial Advisors, LLC. is a Certified Financial Transitionist and skilled expert in settlement planning, financial planning and insurance with over 30 years of experience in financial services. Extensive, ongoing training provided by the Sudden Money® Institute, complements John Darer's MSSC, CLU, ChFC and RSP professional designations and helps him best serve clients on both a technical and a personal level. John approaches each case with the goal of guiding clients through financial transition with a unique set of tools and protocols and provides thoughtful, customized solutions to best suit their financial and personal goals. John has guided many clients through the settlement process with a unique set of tools and protocols from the Financial Transitionist Institute, a division of the Sudden Money Institute. John Darer is a graduate of Syracuse University in Syracuse, NY. He is also the-founder of, LLC, a broad based structured settlement and settlement planning and management firm and is the producer of Talking Settlement, an online video news and talk show in the settlement space established in 2016.